Michelle's Bio

Shifting Workplace

I help forward-thinking organizations create safe and compassionate workplace cultures so they can improve engagement, retention, and productivity.

5 Steps to Cultivate a Culture of Compassion

1. Clear vision and Commitment of inclusion for invisible disabilities from the highest levels of leadership backed by organizational policies
2. Robust and easily accessible mental health support
3. Education & training of people leaders
4. Structured employee peer support community with lived experience
5. A culture that is ready for an employee sharing platform to share mental health experiences (pre-recorded vignettes, interactive panel discussions, public speaking story telling)

Educating & Empowering

Mental Health Wellness Fair

I reach and educate youth by helping them understand and proactively manage their emotional health and wellbeing through a school-wide interactive mental health wellness fair. This interactive learning experience teaches children proactive positive mental health and wellbeing practices that will leave them empowered and equipped to navigate stress and uncertainty. Through a peer to peer learning structure, student leaders are taught and understand core wellness concepts and tools and further shape and deliver the experience to their peers.