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In Project superhero we are interviewing 90 inspiring people around the world. This Interview series can change your life!

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From Upside Down to Right Side Up: Tips for the Transition Show

My guest, Michelle Dickinson, shares her mental health journey, as a teenage caregiver for her bi-polar mother. It ignited her passion to become a mental health advocate. In these times of the Coronavirus Pandemic, we all can benefit from increased awareness of the mental wellness of ourselves and our loved ones. For today, tomorrow, and that day when we are beyond the daily threat of the Coronavirus, Michelle’s wisdom will help us to keep compassion and kindness at the forefront of our response to people who struggle with mental illness.

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Health Professional Radio – Michelle Dickinson

Michelle Dickinson, Author, TED Speaker, and advocate, discusses ways to decrease the mental health stigma and shame that prevents people from accessing care, why we should invest in mental health or brain health in the workplace and her own personal story of perseverance and triumph.

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Workplace Mental Health Panel Discussion

Leaders from Google, Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson, RetailMeNot, and SAP share how their companies support mental health at work.

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Supporting Mental Health Through Mutually Meaningful Work Engagements

My guest on this episode is Michelle E Dickinson. She’s a mental health advocate who has walked a path through what she calls a “mental health trifecta” that has guided her to a place of support, encouragement, and training for those interested in making the workplace a more supportive place for those struggling with mental health issues.

Sadly, mental health still carries a stigma in Western culture, one that can and should be eliminated through education, compassion, and trust. It’s my hope that you’ll continue reading to discover what is being done and can be done to help American corporations and organizations become better equipped to support employees when it comes to their mental health.

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Moving Beyond Only Mental Health First Aid Training

In this episode, Michelle Dickinson, the author of Breaking Into My Life, is back to talk more about mental health programs and other programs outside mental health aide training that can help employees be more engaged. She also shares 5 steps to help you create that culture of compassion within your workplace.

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Turning Your Mess into Your Message!

In this episode, Michelle Dickinson, the author of Breaking Into My Life, tells us about the struggles and pain she experienced as a child living with her mom who was suffering from Bipolar disorder.

She shares how she sacrificed her childhood life to support her mom who was abusive because of her illness. At a young age, her confidence, self-esteem, patience, and love was challenged because she was never the family’s priority, but it was her mom and the focal point was her mom’s illness.

“If you are in a mess right now, just go on, pick yourself up and never lose hope. Your current situation will fade away in no time. Just hold on to your dreams, be yourself & believe in yourself. Learn the lessons from your struggles & failure because it will soon be an inspirational message to the people around you. “

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How to Drive Real Change in Your Company Culture for those with Invisible Disabilities

14 million Americans and 450 million people across the globe suffer from mental illness. And they may be in your workplace, hiding their struggle with this invisible disability.

People with mental illness usually wear a mask at work and “suffer in silence”. They feel that it’s not a safe space for them to be their authentic selves. They do not open up, reach out, or ask for help because they fear that they’ll be seen as weak or incapable of doing their job, especially when they’re being considered for a promotion.

How do we break this stigma within the corporate culture and create a workplace where people may feel supported, accepted and just be their genuine selves?

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The Best Version of You Podcast

The Best Version of You Podcast with British Army veteran AJ Roberts. A personal development and lifestyle podcast designed to help you unlock your true potential.

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Intrinsic Motivation Podcast

Intrinsic Motivation Podcast – A Homies’ Perspective with Hamza and David discuss how motivation is a unique perspective and how those differences affect the overall drive and determination towards goals.

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Podcast International

Mental Health Awareness & Ending The Stigma (in life + in the workplace) with Michelle Dickinson

Today on the show we have Michelle Dickinson. An author, a TEDx speaker, and Mental Health Strategist. What a pleasure it was to speak with Michelle. 

On top of talking about the current global pandemic, Michelle and I discuss mental health, how to deal with mental illness in life as well as in the workplace, and how open conversation is the solution. 
As Michelle explains beautifully: stigma cannot exist where there is open communication. I think that is brilliant. 

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Ep 017 From a corporate director to a mental health advocate

Only one-third of those suffering from mental illness worldwide receive treatment. That’s pretty staggering! My special guest today Michelle Dickinson knows firsthand just how hard it is to cope with this condition. She spent her childhood loving a mother who suffered from bipolar disorder and who at times lived with it untreated. Her illness not […]

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