Mental Health Awareness & Ending The Stigma (in life + in the workplace) with Michelle Dickinson

A podcast designed to explore Yoga Philosophy and Psychology, taking it beyond the mat and into the world. My name is Gen, I am your host, world travelling yoga instructor, blogger, and the founder of Evealuna. Every week on the Podcast, we will be exploring different topics through Yogic and Psychological perspectives. I will occasionally be welcoming brilliant guests and hosting exciting Q+As. So join me as we wander the heart, the mind, and the world on this podcast. Wherever you are on your journey, I’ll meet you there.

Ep 017 From a corporate director to a mental health advocate

Only one-third of those suffering from mental illness worldwide receive treatment. That’s pretty staggering! My special guest today Michelle Dickinson knows firsthand just how hard it is to cope with this condition. She spent her childhood loving a mother who suffered from bipolar disorder and who at times lived with it untreated. Her illness not only compromised her life, it compromised her family members’ lives as well. And Michelle is far from being alone. A whopping 14 million Americans and 450 million people across the globe suffer from mental illness. And most of those folks have loved ones who must help care for them. This lead Michelle to write her best selling book – Breaking Into My Life to help myself—along with the rest of us—better understand the world of mental illness.

Michelle stepped down as a Director at pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson to help people all over the globe fight their mental battles and hopes her story of perseverance and triumph helps challenge and transform the “suffer in silence” dynamic, and makes mental illness more understood, treated and accepted. You can purchase Michelle’s ground breaking book by clicking HERE and reach out to her if you just need someone to talk to! Remember ‘ It’s OK to not be OK!” If you liked today’s episode I’d love for you to leave me a review. Your feedback is truly welcomed. Please sit back and enjoy the content.