Psych Central Interview

Recently, I was invited on the award-winning Psych Central podcast. Host Gabe Howard approaches psychology and mental health in an accessible and candid manner. The thing I really love about Gabe is that he openly discloses his own journey living with bipolar disorder. He knows first-hand how hard it is to navigate a mental illness.

As I strive to generate more compassion in the world around mental illness, I found his quote very impactful since so many people really just do not understand how hard life can be for those suffering.

“I wish I could lock people in a room with all of the symptoms of bipolar just for a 24-hour period and then release them back into the wild and just watch how kind, considerate, understanding, and patient they would be from that experience.”

Check out the podcast. Please share with others who might benefit from understanding what life is like for someone trying to navigate life while managing their mental illness.

I also encourage you to check out the Psych Central website for more mental health resources to learn more about mental illness