Help Wanted: Work Place Mental Health Change Makers

I am on a mission because nobody is immune to mental illness. We all need more support, more compassion, and better mental health care. As I engage in conversations with a myriad of diverse populations, I hear one common theme – we must do more!  Whether they are lawyers struggling from addiction and suicide or physicians and health care workers struggling with burnout or police officers dealing with PTSD; everyone I encounter is asking for more mental health support. It truly is a blessing that it is finally on their radar. I am optimistic that we are on an amazing path. But there is still a lot of work to be done.

Peer Support Communities Can Make All the Difference

One of the things I am incredibly passionate about is helping organizations realize that they have an amazing and powerful untapped resource within – their own people. Just imagine if every single person was given the chance to leverage their own lived mental health experience and help others around them. The power of a structured peer support community within the workplace can be amazing and can result in many benefits. Beyond it being the right thing to do, the bottom line benefits range from decreased LTD and STD claims, reduced sick leave, increased employee engagement and increased use of EAP.

Companies who are committed to creating a more inclusive workplace for those living with invisible disabilities are the companies that will invite diverse talent and set themselves apart from their competition. Aside from that, in a recent WHO study it was highlighted that for every $1 USD invested in scaling up treatment for mental health disorders, there is a return of $4 USD in improved health and productivity.

One Police Department’s Successful Peer Support Community

One of the areas that I am acutely focused on is helping our first responders. After the flurry of suicides within the NYC Police Department this year, I feel pulled to want to do more for this vulnerable population. Through exploring, I learned about the incredible power of peer support within the Ottawa police department. Hear the difference it has made for these officers in their own words.

This example has made me realize that I am a force for change and will do whatever I can to help first responders learn about and adopt this powerful program for thier staff. Beyond first responders, I truly believe that every workplace should have a structured peer support community.

Leaning into my fearless tenacity and steadfast commitment to making a real difference in the world, I am out to cause profound change! To learn more about bringing a structured peer support program to your workplace, reach out to me and let me help you bring this program to your workplace!